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untitled - hey little girl, step into this world

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July 28th, 2014

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02:47 pm - untitled
You're going to regret it.

You're going to miss me when i'm gone.

You're going to realize that despite the issues that arose, I made your life better. I made you happy, supported you, and made your life bigger than just you in your sad dark little world.

I'm better off. I'm going to find someone who wants what I do, because I wont give up. I gave it a chance, I found something with us that was real, and was willing to do what it took to work through our differences. This is what ADULTS do when they are in a committed relaionship.

Differences dont make people incompatible, they just make them different. Learning to understand another person and cater to their individual needs is part of building a strong relationship.

Obviously, you dont want a relationship.

Obviously you are a selfish coward who wants to hide in a hole and never let anyone see the real you. You dont want to get hurt, you dont want to commit because that means you would have to compromise and possibly do things that you dont want to do.

You're a pathetic, sad little boy. You're a coward who gave up on a good thing because it got hard. I feel sorry for you and am so grateful that I got away from you before I got in deep.

The damage you've done to me is repairable. I'll forget about you soon enough.

But me? I'm going to haunt you forever. You'll remember my smile, you'll remember the great sex, you'll remember how it felt to hold me close, the breakfast in bed, the sweet messages and everything that made me.
I'm the standard you'll hold all future relationships to. I won't take you back, and you'll regret the immature, selfish, child like behavior that decided you would end a great thing because it was real. Sorry, not sorry.

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