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I don't know - hey little girl, step into this world

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July 31st, 2014

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03:11 pm - I don't know
I thought i knew yesterday.

Today i'm not sure.

I feel like a part of me is curious. Wants to date, see what else the world has to offer. Maybe there is someone else out there for me and this was the doors opening up to look more.

We have amazing chemistry and always have. We are compatitible in our desire to adventure, to travel, we both like to play games over tv, he's willing to take on my health lifestyle.... I dont know.

I can picture a future with him. But i'm not sure.

Part of me wants to dive back in and be with him.

The other part of me wants to explore, see what else the world has to offer.

But i just, dont want to reject a man when he is standing in front of me like this, willing to work, willing to be with me and taking responsibility for his actions. That speaks volumes.

Idk. Its comfortable. I like him. I love him i feel. but i never really know what that is until like 6 months so maybe i should stop saying it.

i'm figuring it out. I think i want to give him a chance because:

1. Chemistry is real: emotionally and sexually
2. I like his family. a lot.
3. He treats me well. Strokes my hair, rubs my back, makes me feel good. Does little things to make me feel good.
4. he was willing to admit fault and come forward with his feelings.
5. We have an amazing time together and when I'm with him i'm happy.

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