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hey little girl, step into this world

your too young to be this empty girl, ill prepare you for a sick dark world

Sophomore at WSU. Music Major, minor in jazz studies. I'm short, sassy and stoked on music. I love being busy.

Auto response from DairyQueen2007: banana bread. whats more tempting than that wafting smell of luscious joy?

SLAPSHOOTER: madeline walentiny
badmitton, band, basketball games, being clumsy in general, buying chapstick, church, classics, clubbing, computer illiterate people, counteracting andrews arguements, cucumber mellon, cuddle city, dancing, doing random mexicans, duke ellington, eating mini rollos, elena's "don't bite", english, family, football games, fortress, friends, gerry butler, gutair, guys, half days, hating bananas, hating closeminded people, hating tran, having a jazz combo, having deep conversations, helping lost friends, holding hands, iming my mom, ipod, jazzy, jogging, john mayer, jumping up and down, kicking rosie, lacrosse, laura denney, life, lights, likes, livejournal, loud music, loveline, magazines, making resolutions, maynard fergersen, movies, music, napolean dynamite quoting, not eating fruit, otterpops, pantless games, phantom of the opera, phoning hot guys, piano, pickelball, picking on hypocrites, poking jerks, random mexican dances, reading lovenotes, relient k, rosie, running 1.376 miles, sailing, saving christmas trees, scrapbooking, singing, slurping my soup, smiling, snowboarding, soccer, solo ensemble, spanglish, speaking my mind, stalking zach ansley, star wars, swimming, talking on the phone, tall kids, tennis, thinking about simple things, to swim, tower of power, tripping, updating this thingie, wall soccer, water, will ferral, working with kids, writing long notes, writing thank you notes, wugging rosie, zach ansely, zatdodatdatdiggiedat